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Having naming issues? You are not alone.

域名选择问题? 并不单只有您遇到

People are trusting us with their finances and TryDave just didn't seem to give me the same confidence as


Source: Namepros

Jason Wilk
Co-founder, CEO
Company: Dave
Domain Name:

We understood that many people thought our site was already even though at the time it was


Source: Namepros

Matt Douglas
Company: PunchBowl
Domain Name: PunchBowl .com

The problem with not having the .com of your name is that it signals weakness.



Paul Graham
Entrepreneur, VC, Co-founder
Y Combinator

Standing out just gets harder when people confuse you with other companies.



Noah Kagan
Company: Sumo
Domain Name: Sumo .com

We needed a name that would be understood and easy to remember. It was very important for us to have a simple brand that has the ability to be recognized and understood globally.


Source: Namepros

Gregory R. Lettieri
Company: Recycle Track Systems
Domain Name: RTS .com

(Our) original domain name is not easy to understand for players from countries other than China. Therefore, we found it necessary to adjust it.

(我们的) 创意域名对于中国以外国家的玩家来说并不容易理解。因此,我们认为有必要对其进行调整。

Source: Namepros

Company: 37Games
Domain Name: 37 .com

We saw our customers confusing us with some of the other companies in the industry, and wanted to remedy that issue. Our service is so different and unique in comparison with the competition that these confusions might cost us a lot of opportunities.

我们发现客户会把我们和竞争对手公司搞混了,所以想要解决这个问题。 与竞争对手相比,我们的服务是如此不同和独特,这些困惑可能会让我们失去很多机会。

Source: Namepros

Oliver Dlouhy
Company: Kiwi
Domain Name: Kiwi .com

(The entire team's) main concern is the length of along with its difficulty to type. At thirteen characters and consisting of three words, their concerns were well founded.


Source: Namepros

Tuft & Needle
PR Department
Company: Tuft & Needle
Domain Name: TN .com

DoorBot was an awesome name but not a name that you can build a long lasting meaningful business around.

DoorBot 是一个很棒的名字,但不是一个可以让您围绕着这个名字建立长期、持久、有意义的业务的名字。

Source: Namepros

Jamie Siminoff
Company: Ring
Domain Name: Ring .com

While Flipdish(.com) was taken, both Flipdish(.ie) and Flipdish( were available. We ran with these for a while but as soon as we started thinking internationally, we had a problem.


Source: MU Interview

Conor McCarthy
Company: Flipdish
Domain Name: Flipdish .com

While they would often find their way to .net, it was a poor experience and lowered the value of the company in the eyes of our biggest prospects.


Source: NamePros

Jacob Smith
Company: Packet
Domain Name: Packet .com

When you start, you need a good name, and the name must have a domain name. A good name is a trademark, a domain name, meaning good, Lang Lang catchy.


Lei Jun
Xiaomi CeO
Company: Xiaomi
Domain Name: mi .com

What would 40% increase in direct traffic mean to your business?

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直达流量增加 40% 对您的业务意味着什么?


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Introduction call

During the introduction call we aim to understand your needs and requirements. You are welcome to ask any questions, we may have some questions too, in order to determine if we are a fit. Please note there are no price discussions at this stage.




If after the introduction call you conclude kznet.cnis the best domain name for your brand, it is time to get to work. What is the best way to secure kznet.cnfor your business? What is the investment you can afford towards this asset and what challenges will it solve in return? How does your vision for the domain align with that of’s current owner? How can we make this work? We will explore options together for as long as it takes to answer all the questions that will lead to an effective solution.


在沟通之后,您如果认为kznet.cn是您品牌的最佳域名, 那么正式开始洽谈。哪种方式最佳的方式为您的企业保护您可以为这项资产承担多少投资,它将解决哪些挑战作为回报?您对该域名的估值与kznet.cn当前域名所有者的期值是否一致?我们怎样才能做到这一点?只要能够回答所有问题,从而找到有效的解决方案,我们就会共同探索各种选择。

Domain transaction

If we reach an agreement on securing kznet.cnfor your brand, we will guide you through the process to completion. Whether it is an equity, partnership or cash only transaction - you have our ongoing support and professional approach.



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“Companies pay too much attention to the cost of doing something. They should worry more about the cost of not doing it."

Philip Kotler
Author, Marketing Professor, Economist and Consultant, Founder of World Marketing Summit


Philip Kotler

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Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of As the news spread amongst your partners, employees, and customers, your mobile is ringing for three days. You've got a huge number of calls, a mailbox full of messages and congrats. Everything is looking good but you need a bit of time, to process it all, to see the numbers.

It has now been six months and the numbers are in! 40% increase in direct traffic, then shortly after the number is 70%. Repeat customers have grown well over 200%. Who would have thought? Increased trust, word of mouth, no traffic leaks, an important immunity against another brand who may grab the domain, better SEO and more effective marketing campaigns. You didn't even realize you were missing on all of those before.

It's been a year now. You sit back and reflect, you've spent three months and a small fortune to acquire, and looking back you conclude, it was the best investment you have ever made.

We hope you enjoyed the journey. While the story is fictional, it is based on real people and real events, all of which are listed below.

恭喜! 您现在是kznet.cn的拥有者随着消息在您的合作伙伴、员工和客户之间传播,您的手机响了三天。您有大量的电话,一个装满消息和祝贺的邮箱。一切看起来都不错,但您需要一点时间来处理所有内容,查看数字。

现在已经六个月了,数字已经出来了!直接流量增加40%,那么不久之后的数字是70%。回头客增长超过 200%。谁曾想到?增加信任度、口耳相传、没有流量流失、对可能抢占域名的其他品牌的重要免疫力、更好的搜索引擎优化和更有效的营销活动。您甚至没有意识到您之前错过了所有这些。


About 70% of traffic comes from the domain directly – we don’t have to purchase the keywords as much any longer. The domain name is pretty valuable in and of itself.

Tor Sweeney,
大约 70% 的流量直接来自域名——我们不再需要购买关键字。域名本身就非常有价值。

Tor Sweeney,
Overall, the reaction and feedback from all stakeholders has been very positive; it is simple and easy-to- remember, reflects our brand values and proposition very well.

Team at

Team at
We saw a big growth with our repeat customers. We had an average return of repeat customers of over 200% from where it originally was and that was definitely attributable to the brand. When you are Pacific Pillows, you can stumble across a bunch of pillow sites, but when you are, its pretty clear that there is only one

Craig Clark,
我们看到我们的回头客有了很大的增长。我们的回头客平均回报率超过原来的 200%,这绝对归功于该品牌。当还是Pacific Pillows 时,您可能会偶然发现一堆枕头网站,但是当是 时,很明显只有一个

Craig Clark,
We were spending around $10,000 per month on Google AdWords and other pay-per-click services, which wasn’t really a great investment. As soon as we acquired the domain name, we saw a significant increase in focused traffic, apparently from direct visitors.

Ben Carmitchel, CEO of
我们每个月在 Google AdWords 和其他按点击付费的服务上花费了大约 10,000 美元,这并不是一笔很好的投资。一旦我们获得了域名,我们就看到流量显著增加,显然来自直接访问者。

Ben Carmitchel, CEO of
Do you know how many companies have “Sumo” in their name? It’s a lot. You wouldn’t believe how many times someone has come up to me and said, “Oh, are you also like (completely unrelated to us) sumo?”. That’s why we went right to the source. There are many copycat Sumo names in the market but by owning we’re positioned as the original. We are the

Noah Kagan,
您知道有多少公司的名字中有“Sumo”?很多。 您不会相信有多少次有人走过来对我说:“嗨, 您也喜欢(与我们完全无关) sumo?”。这就是我们直奔源头的原因。 市场上有许多模仿的 Sumo 名称,但通过拥有,我们将其定位为原创。我们是

Noah Kagan,
My mobile was ringing for three days. We’ve got a huge number of calls from people sitting in and out of our business, my mailbox was full of messages and congrats. Our marketing team received many emails from our clients saying we’ve made something huge. We expected people will react somehow but no one thought it gonna be so positive and massive.

Greg Warzecha,

Greg Warzecha,
Beyond just the benefits of properly aligning our brand with the .com name, we knew that owning this domain would illustrate to future customers that we’re here to stay for the long haul.

Steli Efti, CEO of
除了将我们的品牌与 .com 名称正确对齐的好处之外,我们知道拥有这个域名将向未来的客户表明我们将长期留在那里。

Steli Efti, CEO of
We saw a 40% increase in traffic immediately after securing our preferred domain.

John Furneaux,

John Furneaux,
After acquiring we noted 300% increase in traffic.

Tomasz Sawicki, CMO

Tomasz Sawicki, CMO
You will lose all word of mouth marketing if you don’t have a good name. Most people choose their name because the domain is available. That’s a really bad idea. I spent 3 months and $182,000 negotiating for, and it was the best purchase I ever made.

Aaron Patzer,
如果您没有一个好名字,您将失去所有的口碑营销。大多数人选择他们的名字是因为域名可以注册。这真是个坏主意。我花了 3 个月和 182,000 美元为 进行谈判,这是我做过的最好的购买。

Aaron Patzer,
Now that we’ve reached a level of maturity and stability in the CRM space, we decided it was finally time to invest in acquiring the .com domain—in part to reconcile that disconnect between calling ourselves Close internally and “Close-dot-I-O” externally.

Steli Efti - CEO -

Steli Efti - CEO -
We have seen better overall conversions and lower drop-off rates on our campaigns. For us, an important factor is that having a premium domain provides better access to big lead buyers and leading advertisers as well due to, again, the trust factor.

Frans van Hulle,

Frans van Hulle,
As a new brand, we think a ".com" domain gives us a boost in trust from a consumer who may not have heard a lot about Perch yet.

Phil DeGisi- Co-Founder at
作为一个新品牌,我们认为“.com”域名可以提升对我们可能还不太了解 Perch 的消费者的信任。

Phil DeGisi- Co-Founder at
If we didn’t own we probably would have changed the company's name. It was very important for us to have a simple brand that has the ability to be recognized and understood globally.

Greg Lettieri, CEO Recycle Track Systems

Greg Lettieri, CEO Recycle Track Systems
We knew that our current marketing system would work exceptionally well with a domain as strong as The purchase price has nearly been recouped in annualized revenues just two months from launch.

Brandon Littlefield,
我们知道,我们当前的营销系统在像 这样强大的域中会非常有效。在推出仅两个月后,购买价格几乎已从年化收入中收回。

Brandon Littlefield,
We grow through word-of-mouth, through people tweeting about us and talking about us, so the address matters.

Tim Campos, CEO

Tim Campos, CEO
Back in the day people used to abbreviate to Annoying! That won’t happen with this domain name!

Marco Aarnink, Founder
过去人们习惯将 缩写为。恼人的!这个域名不会发生这种情况!

Marco Aarnink, Founder
When selecting a domain name, I would tell any founder to think hard about the long term in the beginning. While there may be more upfront effort and financial investment, getting it right the first time will save you serious stress and headaches down the road.

Scott Painter, Founder,

Scott Painter, Founder,

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Premium Domain Name?什么是优质域名?

A Premium Domain Name is a domain that has characteristics above the norm. Such characteristics could be strong commercial appeal, short, catchy, keyword rich, brandable, generic, descriptive, memorable, and appealing.


Is this domain for sale?这个域名出售吗?

The domain name is available for a strategic transaction, a cash-only offer may be entertained as well.


What is the price for this domain name?这个域名的价格是多少?

Our process is based on "Make An Offer". If after our introduction call you determine that you wish to submit a business proposal or a cash-only offer for a particular name, we will provide you with guidance on how to proceed.


How do I value the domain for my business?我如何为我的业务评估域名?

The value of a Premium Domain Name lies in the value such a domain brings to the acquiring business. What is the value of a domain that can simplify your message, increase sales and direct traffic, open global markets, and save you money on marketing and advertising?


How does securing a Premium Domain Name work?如何开启保护优质域名的工作?

After you fill in the contact form below, you will receive an email with some extra information about the name and our process of work. If after that you feel we are a fit, you can book a call to discuss further with us.


Do you work with brokers / agents / advisers ?您是否与经纪人/代理人/顾问合作?

Our requirement is to have an open line of communication with the acquiring party. We understand the value an adviser may bring to the negotiation and so your adviser is welcome to attend our meeting/s with you.


Why do you have so much information on this page?为什么这一页上有这么多信息?

Education is the key to unlocking the full potential of your brand. We're just doing our part.


If you don't invest in your brand, who will?

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When it comes to domain names, we understand you have options. You can register a new domain name, add a word or a hyphen, or get a local domain extension. As a matter of fact, if you are just testing an idea, if your products or services are limited to a local market, or if you're creating a non profit or a hobby project, we would advise you to do just that.

If however you determine that the domainkznet.cnhas the potential to uplift your brand and that you have the infrastructure and vision to extract the maximum value from such a strategic investment, we want to help and are looking forward to hearing from you.


但是,如果您确定域名 有潜力提升您的品牌,并且您拥有从此类战略投资中获取最大价值的期望和愿景,我们希望为您提供帮助并期待您的来信。